Custom Special Event Table Letter Manufacturers

Table Letters add novel decoration to special events like weddings, birthday parties, and baby showers. Many people custom LOVE Table For Sale, MR&MRS, Names, Baby Letter Table For Sale, 0~9 numbers, 26pcs alphabet letters here.

The size of Table Base Letters we made is 30″ tall by 15″ deep or 8″ deep. The width will depend on the detailed letters ordered. All of the Wholesale Foam Letters will be cut specifically with a flat bottom and top to stand and hold a flat tabletop. Some letters, such as J, P, and F, may need additional support to stand.

We use a special hot wire machine guided by a computer to custom cut PVC to produce smooth and great-looking Foam Letter Table. The high-density foam is a great material to create thick and lightweight decorations for any special event. You can buy your own tabletop in your local place because the glass top is easily broken during shipping.

If you want to put these table letters outside at night, we also can custom it with LED  lights, with white color, red color, green color, or RGB changeable colored.

IS LED SIGN as Wholesale Sign Supply, we can custom not only Foam Letter Table, but also many kinds of 3D Signage Letters, such as Custom Light Up Letters, Large 3D Metal Letters, Reverse Pan Channel Letters, Giant Letters for Wedding, Acrylic Letters For Outdoor Signs, Decorative Table Letters, Aluminum Letters Decorative, etc.

If you have any need for custom signs, just email to [email protected]