Mini Acrylic Channel Letters Small LED Letters Manufacturer

Mini Acrylic Channel Letters is only 2~3CM in depth which is much low profile than traditional Illuminated Acrylic Letters. It is extremely suitable for small to medium size Lit Sign Letters and Logo, also more popular for Interior Building Signs and Lighted Office Signs used.

Our Channel Letters China is manufactured base on your specification by using automated equipment. IS LED SIGN Channel Letter Manufacturer has the expertise to ensure your Custom Acrylic Letters done right.

This kind of Small Acrylic Letters will be fabricated by two parts solid acrylic (18mm+6mm), and we use bright LED lighting to make sure your Acrylic Lettering Signage stands out. We can create letters as small as 2″ in a block style font. 

Acrylic Signs Wholesale are available internally illuminated, front-lit and back-lit also can do full lit effect. We can custom fabricate your 3D Illuminated Letters or Logo to best fit your sign project.

Just contact us, let’s talk about how to light up acrylic with led, and discuss your 3D Business Sign project, now.