Reverse Channel Letters Halo Lit Channel Letters Wholesale

Reverse channel letters are the way to go when your clients interest in the distinctive approach Letter Signage program. We also call them “Backlit Channel Letter Signs” or “Halo Illuminated Letters“.

The material of reverse channel letters is using stainless steel or galvanized sheet. People install the letters away from the wall in order to create a halo behind the letters. Another advantage worth being mentioned at this stage is the fact that a clear acrylic sheet of back enables those using them to prevent animals from making nests inside it.

Furthermore, IS LED SIGN can fabricate Reverse Channel Letter Signs according to clients’ specifications. In the case of Outdoor Channel Letters, we only use the highest quality materials together with good components in order to produce the best possible signs according to clients’ preferences, because this is the main aim of everything specialists do.

Reverse channel letters, as well as Backlit Logo Sign, can be considered for use both for interior and exterior signage. They are laser cut from stainless steel for numerous sizes. All these channel letters are the unique custom handmade type of letters. IS LED SIGN offers the custom type of logos and styles. You have a great variety of options to consider for use.