PVC Sign Letters & Numbers Dimensional Sign Manufacturer

Similar to acrylic, painted dimensional  PVC Sign Letters are a very common form of 3D Signage Letters. Available in different thicknesses, ranging from 1/8” thick up to 1” thick. Expanded PVC sign letters and numbers are popular for inexpensive 3D Signs for Businesses. It is popular for both Custom Interior Wall Signs and temporary outdoor installations that cheap sign letters.

PVC, the third most popular plastic material, is a good choice for both interior, and Exterior Building Signs and numbers. The material is pre-finished, is durable, and has a nice enough look to be viewed up close, and is durable enough to be used on exterior signs. Additionally, PVC is easily painted so color options are endless. It is CNC cut so they can be manufactured with precision in any of our fonts, as well as any custom logos, or fonts that you are incorporating in your product branding.

These PVC Letters Wholesale come in white colors. If you would like to paint them, we recommend sanding with 220 sandpaper before finishing it.  When painted, PVC letters and logos have a finished, professional look. The colors can be chosen from PMS color, also can choose the gloss surface or matte surface effect.

As for installation, we recommend using double-sided mounting tape to secure lightweight letters to the surface, thicker letters can be mounted with studs. Studs are metal prongs that stick out of the back of the letter. A paper mounting template helps with spacing and alignment.

IS LED SIGN is Wholesale Sign Manufacturers, we can custom all kinds of Advertising Sign Letters, include Front-Lit Store Sign, Indoor Sign Letters, Outdoor Sign Letters, LED Acrylic Letters, 3D Sign Letters, Exterior Building Signage, Backlit Commercial Signs, etc.

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